Midgardur by Center Hotels

midgardur by center hotels by Delia Ramsden

One of the best experiences of staying at Midgardur by Center Hotels is the modern, clean, and comfy rooms. Most of them are big and spacious, so it is convenient.  All the basic amenities are provided. There is nothing fancy about it, and yet, the hotel itself is pleasant with … Read more

Hotel Kriunes

hotel kriunes by Krys D

Hotel Kriunes? Visiting Iceland on a family trip? Or doing some voyage with best friends? Are you going to a business meeting? Or are you going on a honeymoon with your loved one? Surely there should be different types of rooms that suit each need and essentials. But, which hotel … Read more

Guesthouse Galtafell

guesthouse galtafell by Wolfgang Stöttinger

Guesthouse Galtafell? Spending a holiday with a family is always a warming idea. Spending with friends would be very exciting. Spending with your loved one will always be a beautiful, memorable moment. But, have you thought about visiting Iceland, not only with your family, friends, or partner but also with … Read more


oddsson hotel reykjavik by Cédric

Are you visiting Iceland and right now staying in the ODDSSON Hotel, Reykjavik? Are you getting bored and wants to do something new? Wonders if the hotel have some tour or activities provided for the guests? Well, no need to worries how should you debunk the boredom, because  the hotel … Read more

Hotel Orkin

hotel orkin reykjavik by 艾跑步

Some people prefer simple hotels rather than something too cushy and luxurious. Simple hotels tend to be more comfortable sometimes, but of course more homey. It also grows the feeling of adventure demands better than cushy hotels. Well, if you are that type of person, why don’t you check the … Read more