Are you visiting Iceland and right now staying in the ODDSSON Hotel, Reykjavik? Are you getting bored and wants to do something new? Wonders if the hotel have some tour or activities provided for the guests? Well, no need to worries how should you debunk the boredom, because  the hotel owns lots of activities and tour for the guests. From the numerous activities, which one shall fit you best? Let’s go check this out to see which activities we recommend you the most!

oddsson hotel reykjavik by Cédric
Photo by Cédric

ODDSSON Hotel Reykjavik’s Most Recommended Activities

Among lots-lots of activities they have, maybe you will pick only a few of them for the holiday. Of course, you do not want to choose the less fun ones. Here we recommend you some of the best activities you can put on priority lists.

Golden Circle & Snorkeling at Silfra

The first activities we recommend to you is to go on snorkeling at Silfra. Snorkeling always have been a very fun activities, especially when you are staying nearby a beautiful sea. It is going to be really fun to be guided and going by minibus to Silfra, then also explore the well-known Golden Circle. You can also explore the moss-laden fields,  the volcanic, and other spots in Silfra.

Rib Express Activity

The next activity we would suggest you is to try the Rib Express. In this activity, you can see the fantastic wild whale swimming around you as you will go a little deeper to their ecosystem.  You will also go fast, as the name of the activity, on a boat and feel  the Iceland wind brush your hair. What a great way to spend the exciting morning.

Fire & Ice Tour of South Coast

The next activity you can try is the fire and ice tour, of the South Coast.  Tin this activity, you will find the most quintessential and exquisite panorama of Iceland. Waterfalls, volcanic, blue glaciers, and also black sand beaches are some of the beautiful sights you will find.  As the trip starts in the morning, it will be the great way to spend a day. Nowhere else can beat the dazzling experience of fire & ice tour.

The Pearl Tour

This activity pretty related the previous activity, which held in the Golden Circle. Only in this activity, you will get a chance to do some jeep tour and also snowmobiling. The two activities are said by guests, to be the ‘signature’ activity you have to try. If you have not try this one, you did not visit the Iceland and thus, not staying in the ODDSSON.

The Black Lava Tour

Yep, you did not read it wrong. The last tour activity we would recommend to you is the black lava tour! This tour will have you explore the marvels of the ancient volcano that was created long time ago, even more than 5200 years ago. You will be able not only to walk and hike, but also climb and crawl, to find the underground lava tube. This activity requires dauntless personality. Those are 5 of all activities the ODDSSON Hotel Reykjavik offer the guests that we recommend the most. Dare to try?

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Photo by Ádám Balatoni
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Photo by Anirban Sinha
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