Midgardur by Center Hotels

One of the best experiences of staying at Midgardur by Center Hotels is the modern, clean, and comfy rooms. Most of them are big and spacious, so it is convenient.  All the basic amenities are provided. There is nothing fancy about it, and yet, the hotel itself is pleasant with welcoming atmosphere and convenient air.

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Midgardur by Center Hotels Location

One of the biggest advantages of this hotel is the location. It is right in Laugavegur, which is the popular shopping area in Reykjavik. Laugavegur is the major shopping street right in the city center, so expect finding a lot of establishments and accessible spots there.

Other places that aren’t far from the hotel are Reykjavik Escape (only 0.2 miles away), Sundhollin Public Baths, and Tales from Iceland. The city center is only 0.7 miles away. Many guest reviews have stated that they like exploring the area on foot. And the fact that it is close to the center is another plus side because you can basically find anything else there.

Some of the nearby restaurants include Old Iceland Restaurant and Reykjavik Kitchen. They seem perfect if you have an appetite for traditional and indigenous Icelandic dishes.

The Facilities and Amenities

The hotel has 170 rooms with convenient facilities. The free wireless internet is helpful and nice. All guests have access to free breakfast. Every room is non-smoking with flat screen TV and minibar. A safe, room service, and housekeeping are also available. You can also enjoy the laundry, if you need one.

It has a spa (complete with a gym), massage rooms, outdoor (and also indoor) hot tubs, sauna, and the popular restaurant, Jörgensen Kitchen & Bar. Meeting rooms and roomy lobby lounge are another aspect to make this hotel favorable. They provide live music on Thursdays along with Happy Hour events (this takes place at the bar). They also provide car hire and paid parking (on-site).

Guests Reviews and Opinions

The hotel offers tons of interesting options. Some guests even say that they have stayed several times at the hotel and still impressed by the surroundings and the quality of service. The rooms are quite big. Don’t be fooled by the stars. Other hotels may have more stars but their rooms aren’t as big as the ones at this hotel. Not only spacious, but the rooms are also clean – cleaning service is always available.

Breakfast is free – and the meal is all tasty and satisfying. Some have tried the hotel’s restaurant and the dishes are even better from other restaurants around the city. The location is also convenient because it is not far from the city center. It is within a walking distance, which is convenient when you want to have a fresh air and enjoy a relaxing stroll.

The gym isn’t really spacious, but there are still more things to enjoy about the hotel. Moreover, most guests spend their times exploring the outdoor, so the convenient and good-service hotel is pretty satisfying. If you are looking for a convenient place with homey atmosphere and enjoyable spot allowing you to explore around, this one would be the ideal pick. It doesn’t hurt to book a spot at Midgardur by Center Hotels ­and see everything by yourself.

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