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Some people prefer simple hotels rather than something too cushy and luxurious. Simple hotels tend to be more comfortable sometimes, but of course more homey. It also grows the feeling of adventure demands better than cushy hotels. Well, if you are that type of person, why don’t you check the Hotel Orkin Reykjavik? As a three-stars hotel, they offer a great room, good facilities, but still simple enough to feel the enjoyment of being “not-too-much?” Intrigued enough? Well let’s go check this out!

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Hotel Orkin Reykjavik, A Great Small Hotel

Who says only a huge hotel can have lots of facilities? Well, technically, not so wrong if you are counting swimming pools, balconies, private bar, gym area, and other facilities. To be noted, small facilities but often needed is also a sign of a great hotel hospitalities. Well, what are the facilities the Orkin Hotel have to offers?

Free Breakfast

It is important, true. It is necessary to start a day with a full tummy. Rather than browsing around to local shop before you even have an energy, it is great to taste a good buffet breakfast at the hotel.

Ping-pong area

Tired of adventures and want to spend some time at the hotel? The first facility you can try is the ping-pong area. They have a several table you can use to avoid boredom while staying in the hotel. Give it a try!

Board games

Maybe you are not more of brain person that physical person. No worries, they also have some board games you can play inside your room, or in the lobby. Basically, just ask the receptionist if they can get you a board games to your room. Another way to reduce boredom. Great!

Books, DVDs, and music

Or maybe, you are not into any kind of games. It is okay! They have books, DVDs, and also music you can blast in your bedroom to have a great fun. If you are going with your children too, they also have the categories for children.

Baby stroller

Going with your new happy family, with a little baby, but out of the blue need a stroller? No need to rent one somewhere or even buy a new one. The hotel offers you a baby stroller you can use  to have a good walk with your baby. Great idea!


Why not? It is great to know what’s going around in Iceland through reading the newspaper. It is not necessarily fun, but a classic activity a lot of people still do.


Wants to spend the exquisite night with your loved one in the balcony of your room? Drinking Iceland signature beverage can also be lots delightful on the private balcony. Great idea to try!

Fax/Photocopy service

Just in case you are visiting Iceland for business meeting, fax and photocopy can be something crucial and needed most of the time. No worries, because the hotel provide the fax and also photocopy services for the guests. And, that is it! Facilities the small great Hotel Orkin Reykjavik has to offer. What do you say? Shall you give it a try?

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