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Hotel Kriunes? Visiting Iceland on a family trip? Or doing some voyage with best friends? Are you going to a business meeting? Or are you going on a honeymoon with your loved one? Surely there should be different types of rooms that suit each need and essentials. But, which hotel provides those details in each room? Well, maybe you want to check out this Hotel Kriunes Kopavogur in Iceland.

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Hotel Kriunes Kopavogur Has 9 Types of Bedroom

Unlike most hotels that serve only up to 5 different types of bedrooms, the Hotel Kriunes unhesitantly has even 9 class of bedrooms. From the most standard one to the family suite, and of course, the honeymoon suite. Let’s go check it out to see if they have what you need/.

Standard Double Room

As a standard room, it has a private bathroom, a set of hair-dryers, and also a flat-screen TV. The price is also much more affordable than the other rooms.

Superior Double

As it has a flat-TV screen equipped with Netflix and also a private refrigerator, we suggest that you might want to stay the night with your life besties or loved one in this room. The warm tone the room provides also makes the welcoming euphoria more reachable and thus creates a good companion vibe.

Superior Suite

The superior suite is a room intended to be spacious and large enough for a couple of companions. Facing Lake Ellidavatn and also the mountain, this room offers a great intimacy time with friends.

Superior King Suite

Designed with a bath inside the bedroom, the superior king suite is really beautiful and shows a very luxurious, minimalist euphoria. Recommended for people who want to pamper themselves with their loved ones.

Family Room

As a family room, this has two separate yet interconnected rooms that each have a private bathroom. Well not only for family, tourists who are visiting with their best friends usually spend their beautiful night here, for its very convenient space.

Family Suite with Lake View

This room is opened for 4 people, has a flat-screen TV and mini-refrigerator, and the panorama of Lake Ellidavatn shine through the window. What a beautiful spot to watch the beautiful Icelandic. Especially with your spouse and children.

Family Junior Room

If your family prefers a smaller and more intimate room to spend the night together, give Family Junior Room a try. This room has facilities for up to 5 people with more intimacy. Great!

Suite With Spa Bath

This is a suite that owns a private spa bath, for guests who want extra privacy while pampering themselves with spa and beauty treatment inside the jacuzzi tub. This room also has a private sitting area. The luxury spreads all over the room and brings a very joyful vibe. The pretty wall tint also defines the word of beauty.

Honeymoon Suite

As a brand new room type, the honeymoon suite is designed to have a private sitting room. This room also overlooks lake Ellidavatn, and also a bath inside the bedroom. A very homey, warm, and romantic euphoria all blended inside the room.

Those are 9 bedroom types by Hotel Kriunes Kopavogur. Have you found what you are looking for?

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