Hotel Borg by Keahotels

Hotel Borg by Keahotels? If you are about to jump on to Iceland and find a luxury, cushy hotel, we have got you. To make your holiday even better than how you planned it to be, we would so much suggest the Hotel Borg by Keahotels. The Hotel Borg is a beautiful heft building designed to be modern and comfortable. Unlike other modern buildings where they tend to be more into minimalism than functional, this hotel offers you a great night with excellent hospitality.

hotel borg by keahotels by Niels Freckmann
Photo by Niels Freckmann

The Functional Design of Hotel Borg by Keahotels

As soon as you step into the room hotel, the first thing you will notice is its wholesome architecture. First, you shall enter a large building, separated but borderless into a sitting room and sleeping area. So far, we found out that each sitting room is equipped with a cushion and tea table. There is also some working desk just in case you need a tougher sitting position, right in the same room.

Going further is the sleeping area, where a cush bed sits on one side of the room. The bed is surrounded by plenty of desks and wardrobe to store your belongings and personal stuff. We found the personal space is pretty exquisite with minimalist color touch, yet still equipped with room essentials.

On one side of the room, is a very large window that shows the city panorama of Reykjavik. In the morning, the beautiful sun lights burst right into the room through the windows and make Iceland’s beautiful cold Iceland turn warm and more welcoming. This is perfect, even though you just want to spend your holiday in the hotel. But why, you may ask. What shall you receive by staying in the hotel for the holidays?

The Satisfying Amenities to Spend a Cold Holiday

There are lots of facilities on the property you shall enjoy for a holiday. Here are some of them, we conclude.

Spa facility

The beautiful massage treatment of the spa, to make your body more relaxed and more content of the world’s mind. It is very recommended to try the spa here, accompanied by a glass of traditional warm tea.

Fitness area

In the hotel, there is also a fitness area for a healthier voyage. It is great to not only be relaxed and have a good time on holiday but also to stay fit. Unless you want to do some light jogging on cold Iceland, we assure you would use the fitness area.

Sauna area

Not only are spa and fitness amenities available, but the sauna is also provided for a more relaxing stay. It is a great place to spend an evening after a long, cool, trip around Iceland. Guests who stay here most likely enjoy the sauna area a lot.


Feel like enjoying an exquisite night to some music? No need to go far from the hotel crossing the cold night, because, in the Hotel Borg itself, a night club is available for the guests.

That being said, not only these 4 facilities the Hotel Borg by Keahotels serve to the guests. There are plenty of other interesting amenities you should try. If you are planning to spend a holiday in Iceland, definitely give this hotel a try!

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hotel borg by keahotels by Ruben Kos
Photo by Ruben Kos
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Photo by Tomas Jonsson
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Photo by Johan Badoux
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Photo by Melanie C

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