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Guesthouse Galtafell? Spending a holiday with a family is always a warming idea. Spending with friends would be very exciting. Spending with your loved one will always be a beautiful, memorable moment. But, have you thought about visiting Iceland, not only with your family, friends, or partner but also with your pet? Have you imagined that? If you are wondering where you can find a hotel that allows you to cuddle your baby pet, say hello to Guesthouse Galtafell.

guesthouse galtafell by Wolfgang Stöttinger
Photo by Wolfgang Stöttinger

Guesthouse Galtafell, A Pet-Friendly Hotel for You

Shortly as being said before, this guesthouse is a pet-friendly hotel. In this hotel, you can spend your holiday walking across every street in Reykjavik during the day to the afternoon and then keep them close to you during the evening somewhere convenient. Convenient as you can check them every time you need to, or keep them close to you. You can also make sure they are healthily fed every day during the holiday, and also feel warm against the cold temperature.

Your cats, dogs, bunnies, or other pets can have their bed on the sofa near your bed and have breakfast with you inside the bedroom. For those who have solitary pets, no need to worry because they clean up the hotel pretty well and delicately erase the previous animals’ aroma that can trigger the defensive side of other animals.

Very Strategic Location

If you are going outside with animals such as bunnies or cats, it is not easy to walk together with them. So, it is important to make sure every place you are going to visit the most is closeby, such as restaurants or attraction destination spots.

Luckily, this guesthouse is located close to almost 20 restaurants, and also almost 20 attraction destinations you can visit with your pets. So that you do not need to lift them everywhere to make sure they are safe with you.

Please note that some of the attractions are museums or monuments, while also there are restaurants that do not allow pets to come. So, it is better to do some research on which one do you find the most convenient for you and your baby pets. Do not worry, there are almost 20 of them. You will find the one that suits your condition the best.

The Other Side of The Hotel

Despite that they are a pet-friendly hotel, please know that they do not serve that much of facilities such as spa, swimming pools, or banquet. There are pretty minimalists and only serve things you need the most. Such as a kitchenette, Wi-Fi, and free parking. But this should be pretty understandable since they are more into a guesthouse than a hotel area.

Yet with minimal amenities, they have pretty spacious guest houses with lots of beautiful and functional furniture you can use to make the best of your holiday. We would so much recommend you to try the Guesthouse Galtafell if you are visiting with your pals, families, or lots of people. It is large, warm, even possible to throw a little party with your loved ones here.

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guesthouse galtafell by Kati Teslyuk
Photo by Kati Teslyuk
guesthouse galtafell by Mo Ba
Photo by Mo Ba
guesthouse galtafell by Angela Mayer
Photo by Angela Mayer
guesthouse galtafell by Ivy Chen
Photo by Ivy Chen

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