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Centerhotel Skjaldbreid? If you are planning on visiting Iceland for a few days and hesitate about hotel picks, it is a right choice to stop by this article. Today, we are going to talk about the Centerhotel Skjaldbreid where lots of tourists and guests recommend. The hotel itself located in the Reykjavik, built with the actual Reykjavik sense, and even managed by three generations of the Icelandic families. Are you interested in check it out more?

centerhotel skjaldbreid by Kami Grooms
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The Hospitality of Centerhotel Skjaldbreid, What Do They Offer?

As one hotel that priorities hospitality before others, they offer you a full hearted and warm sleeping experiences. They offer also a feeling to become locals, instead of basic tourist to actually feel the vibe of Iceland.

This is pretty unique. If you are familiar with most hotel concepts, they are trying to make us feel like we are on an actual vacation who is demanding luxuries after luxuries. This hotel, on the other hand chooses to give us locals experiences. Not necessarily we work to get ourselves some breakfast or dinner. What do they serve is the actual local cuisines, local snacks, urban strategic location, and other offers.

The Building and Location

As they are offering a local experiences, they also offers some hotel room that looks like local home, to experiences the most unique vacation. But if you are interested in living a cushy room more, something more modern instead, they offer the other building you can choose. Basically, it is all your choice.

The Facilities and Amenities You Can Enjoy

What about the facilities and amenities you can enjoy at the certain hotel? As one of the oldest group of the Center Hotels, they offer light facilities that only contain of essentials. Here are some of those:

Free breakfast

Before starting your day as local enthusiast, it is great to have your tummy full first. They offer a great breakfast with local menu you can choose to start the whole day.

Concierge services

Who knows when you are trapped in hunger in the middle of the night? Or need your bathroom to be cleaned real quickly? Do not worry! They have a stand-by concierge services, with an actual 24 hours front desk. Need help? Ask away!

Northern lights wakeup service

Need a help to wake you up? Worry about the northern dim lights? No worries! They have  the service that can help you right away. Just ask, they will full heartedly help you!

Lobby computer

If you are suddenly in the need of computer, you can ask if they can help you. No worries. Just because they are offering local experiences, does not mean they cut off technology. They even offer a lobby computer for unexpected scenario.

Free Wi-Fi

Still coming about the technology, of course they offer us a free Wi-Fi to use. As if we want to browse where to go one day, where is the nearest restaurant, or other related things.

And, that is it! We are so much recommend you to give the Centerhotel Skjaldbreid a try, if you are visiting the Iceland. Let us know  you experience!

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Photo by Vitaliy Etin
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